Friday, February 20, 2015

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

I recently made one of the best tasting chocolate chip cookies that I have had in a long time! I was asked to do a new book review. In fact, it’s an E-Book. The name of it is: “The Secret to Gum-Free, Gluten Free Baking” By Alta Mantsch.

What I reviewed was her Chocolate Chip Cookies. I had to do a little substituting (as I cannot have sugar or coconut). I am use to this kind of thing though. I thought the addition of the molasses gave them a fabulous taste. I am so excited about using gelatin instead of gums! I think this is a genius idea that Alta (the cookbook author) has come up with! I loved the taste of the cookies. In fact, other folks that tasted the cookies (who do not have to eat gluten free) loved them! They asked for seconds, and thirds, etc. I look forward to baking many other items in her new cookbook!
You can order the cookbook here:
If you want to check out here website:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Today is Day 7 of the Shazzy Fitness Move Groove and Amen Fitness Challenge! It's our last day of the fitness challenge. Today, we got to choose any 2 classes, plus a bonus class to do. My first one is Victory (on In the Beginning Video). I love this class. It has an African beat (music). I love the arm movements. I think the prayer hands that we do in it, is really cool! For the second class. I chose Triumph (on Time to Dance video). It also has an African beat (music). I love the arm movements. Along, with the hip roll. This class is a lot of fun! For the Bonus class (on Time to Dance video), it was another fun class. I absolutely loved the arm rolling movements. If you would like to purchase these 2 videos, click on the link on the right side of my web site. Right now, they are 2 for $29.99. I hope that you enjoyed hearing about this fitness challenge, as much as I enjoyed telling you about it!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 6 Shazzy Fitness Move and Groove Amen Fitness Challenge Today Was Freedom and Triumph Dance Classes. My favorite was on Triumph. On Triumph it has dance moves to a song called "Without God" by Da'Truth. How completly Awesome it is to workout to Christian/Inspirational music! I so love the easy to follow dance moves. I haven't mentioned the bright cheery outfits (and shoes) that they wear. If you would like to purchase your own videos, just click on the link on the top right side of my web site. Thanks and God Bless! See you tomorrow!

Jeanie working out to Shazzy Fitness

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Today is Day 5 of the Shazzy Fitness Move, Groove, Amen Fitness Challenge. Today we did Genesis and Victory. This might sound like a lot but, each one of these classes is 10 minutes a piece. If you start to get tired or can't get the dance moves, you can just walk in place (to keep that heart rate up). I love the Christian Hip Hop. For me, it takes fitness to another level! I just love it!

Day 4 of Shazzy's Move Groove Amen, Fitness Challenge I loved the African beat and the inspired moves! Today, I loved the hip roll. Also, the Church move. I love these fitness videos. I love how it's for all fitness levels. Check out Shazzy Fitness for fun and funky dance moves!