Friday, December 19, 2008

Assaulted by Joy by Stephen W Simpson A Book Review

This is a interesting book. I loved how Stephen W. Simpson uses his own testimoney to write a book. He writes in such a down to earth way that I think even a rebellious teenager could get a real Blessing out of this! In fact, I want to buy several of these books for some teenagers that I know! I loved in the book when Stephen says that what cynicism does is split the truth in half. We forget because of our preoccupation with the things that have hurt us. about the things that have nutured us. The things we love, that bring us the most joy, they make us the most crazy. He also said, which I believe that being a Christian means exchanging comfort for something so much better, JOY! You will want to read this book. It's something for young and old alike. Thanks Stephen W. Simpson for writing this book!

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