Saturday, December 6, 2008

In Charge by Myles Munroe book review

I have been reading the book "In Charge" by Myles Munroe. Myles Munroe believes that everyone has what it takes to be a leader. In the book he said that the leadership dilemmas that we human face are wrapped around fear, disillusionment, anger, distrust, compromise, selfishness, over-competitiveness, covetousness or greed, devaluation of life, abuse, violence, and war. These are destructive attitudes and they dominate our lives. This has been the state of the world and is the product of leadership throughout history. Myles Munroe says that we are all created to lead. That we all have leadership potential. A leader is born when you discover your gift. You must find out what excites you and consumes you. You must discover your passion. Once you do that, it will help determine your gift. This will require a process of self-discovery. This book goes on to teach you how to do this. It will teach you the seven principles of servant leadership. This book is a great resource for self-discovery with a Christian perspective.

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Sandra said...

Thanks for this review. I had thought about getting this book, but too many of these types of books leave you without learning "how" to discover your passion. I have had a few passions, seemingly non-related. I look forward to reading it.