Monday, January 12, 2009

Green Irene Bamboo Cleaning Cloth

Here is something really awesome for cleaning/dusting your home the green way. The website is: That's the name of the company is Green Irene
Product Category: Toxic Free Living

Item #: 600twstbamcloth
Twist Bamboo Polishing Cloth 3-Pack
This biodegradable cloth is made entirely from bamboo and corn, and it's soft and fluffy surface is perfect for dusting and polishing!
Your Price: $4.50

When people think of bamboo, they probably think of tropical furniture and tiki torches. When we think of bamboo, we think of dirt. Because we discovered that you can actually make bamboo into a cloth. And this cloth is pretty amazing, natural way to wipe, dust and polish.

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Jessica Clark said...

Thanks for featuring the Bamboo Polishing Cloth, which is available from Green Irene Eco-Consultants. This product really is great when it comes to dusting and polishing anything from antiques to glass tables!

The website is not correct in the post. You can find the product at the website below:

Thanks Jeanie!