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What's the Worst That Can Happen? Chapter 7 Bible Study by Micca Campbell

This is the Bible study that I am particiapting in! First, I will et our Hostess, Ms Lelia do the Bible Study and then at the bottom I will add my own portion to it. When you have a chance, stop by Lelia's blog and check it out:
Now for the Bible study.

I hope your weekend was a blessed one. Mine was and I will share more on it later in the week, but for now let's get to our discussion of Micca Campbell's book,

Anything in blue is a quote from the book.

If you and I want our testimonies to have credibility, we must live a lifestyle of faith, not fear, in both our private and public lives. Just think what your faith could do in the lives of others.

I've been getting e-mail updates on a young, single Mom here in town that I know who has just been told she has 6 months left to live after battling cancer for a few years. Yet, her faith is amazing. Her body may physically be weak, but I wonder if she knows how many Mom's she is pushing to become a better parent. Does she know how she is pushing one to think of how they choose to live out each day of their life and live it with purpose instead of filled with complaints or laziness? Does she know how her faith that God has plans for her life STILL no matter what the doctor says brings a whole new meaning to trusting in God? I'm sure she is living in some fear, but from what I read, it seems like her faith weighs in the heaviest on the scale of her heart.

The troubles in our world today are not new. They may come upon us in a new way, but they are still the same temptations, trials, and troubles that have always confronted society since the garden of Eden. My son Aaron who is 14 just told me the other day that he is tired of hearing that we adults in his life know what he faces everyday because we have been there before. He just looked at me and said, Mom, you guys may have had some of the same stuff, but you have no idea what my days are like. It is hard. The troubles are the same that he faces that Gene faced back in the 70's and 80's, but I have to agree with Aaron that they are different. Satan is bolder now. He has been given more freedom and permission to come into our lives. When fools are successful in getting God out of the schools, stopping public prayer and getting the 10 commandments out of courthouses, Satan takes that as his written invitation to just come on in. My son sees glimpses of Satan all throughout his day at school and all I can do is trust and pray.

In His original blueprint, God didn't design disease, exploitation, uncertainty, combat, gloom, misery, or death. These are all results of living in a fallen, broken, sin-sick world. God said everything He made was "good"(Gen. 1:31). Then sin entered in, and we've been a wild generation ever since.
As a kid, I just don't recall being surrounded by so much chaos. Seems like the world we live in there is tragedy hitting every corner of it and we can't escape it. Just last night I read that 2 masked gunman unloaded rounds of gunfire on a wedding party in Turkey during a prayer. What is this world we live in coming to?

We dread our future, but there is no need to do so. God is already there, His goodness and mercy have gone ahead of us to secure our future. Whatever the outcome determined by humans or nature, God's plan alone will stand.
Gene and I don't even get the newspaper and I hardly watch the news. I can't take all the sadness. There is some unspeakable stuff going on in our world and I think we can get really overwhelmed with that. Just like with that wedding party in Turkey that was wiped out yesterday in a matter of moments, I was not only sad for the bride and groom who were praying, but for a family attending that all 6 of the kids and the parents were killed.
God is in control...this I believe. This I know is truth.

We don't need to despair as long as our hope is in God. Hope helps us see the God of restoration instead of being paralyzed by the mess of destruction.

Hope. She is the bridesmaid every time we decide to marry Faith instead of Fear. She is the one who helps us see the good in the day. She is the one who straightens out our train at the altar. So as I walk down the aisle to meet up with Faith in Jesus I keep my eyes focused on Jesus instead of my 19 year old daughter's current situation. Mom of a 1 year old...another baby due in 4 weeks...if I focus on all of that then more than likely I will turn and run the other way, right into the arms of Fear who is just waiting at the back of the church in hopes that I will stop believing Who I know is true.

No matter what storm we face, no matter what kind of trouble presses in or how bleak the unknown appears, the truth remains the same: "HE'S STILL GOD!"

Alyssa. 19 years old. Mom of 2. Unwed. HE'S STILL GOD!

If you and I want to be rid of fear, we must stop putting our hope in the things of this world. Micca tells us that there are 3 things we must do....

1.) Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness

2.) Refocus--turn your focus on Christ.

3.) Commit ourselves wholly to God.

Christ's provision goes far beyond heaven and earth. When you and I face the unknown, God is there, leading the way through our unknown territory until we are safe on the other side.We are not alone on this journey of life if we choose to trust in Jesus Christ. Whether we are a 35 year old single Mom that according to her doctor has lost her battle with cancer or a teenager trying to live in this crazy world we have a God that says trust in Me and see what happens. See where I take you. We have to let God lead us because when we don't we create a lot of mess. Messes that He is capable of cleaning up, but why not try to trust and put our faith in Him and not allow fear to come in and destroy the good work He is doing in us. He is bigger than all we face, we just need to believe in faith instead of fear.

Now, it's my turn. As usual, this was an amazing chapter. Truly, this is God breathed! When I get finished with each chapter, I am in awe over what God is showing me!
Micca starts out the chapter talking about natural disaster's and how God is still there. I know this but, you see I know so many people in my area that do not. I live down south in Louisiana. We have hurricanes here. We have devastating hurricanes here. I know people that have lost everything. It's hard to get them to see that out God is still God even in the midst of this tragedy! I say, and Micca said it, God's plan will stand! "There are many plans in a man's heart, nevertheless, the Lord's counsel-that will stand" Proverbs 19:21. His plans can be trusted! He's Still God!
There is not anything that we face (the economy, finances, relationship difficulites, illness, etc, etc) that is the worst thing that can happen to us. What would be the worst thing is not knowing the love of Jesus Christ, our Lord, our God! The Bible says that once we are sucure in His love, nothing can separate us from him!
Read Romans 8:35, 39
Micca goes on to say (and I fully believe this) that we have to have a partnership with God! Sin separates us from God, and burdens weigh heavy on our souls! Until we learn to take Christ's yoke upon ourselves (Matthew 11:29) we'll never find peace. Therefore, anyone living apart from God can expect to be plaqued by phobias, fears, and anxieties. Oh, my gosh, this is incredible information! It is so true!
She goes on to say to worry and stress are really symptoms of self-sufficiency and lack of trust in God! At this point, I had to have prayer time with God. You see, I have been suffering with stress and anxiety (which is worry). I had to repent of this! Yes, me a born again believer for 25 years, still hasn't gotten it right yet! I am so thankful that my sweet Heavenly Father forgives me for trying to live life on my own occasionally! YOu see, we all have missed the mark. "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" Romans 5:8. We can't get to God any other way except through His Son, Jesus.
I will close with this last statement that Micca makes. This truly blesses me!
Anxiety dissolves away like the mist in the morning sun. Peace rules the heart and the mind. When troubles come, this person is able to live fearless in the presence of God.

Be Blessed!

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