Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Did It Monday

Clara at: http://mymememania.blogspot.com/ is looking for other's to play along with this. Here is what she has to say: I believe that it’s important to celebrate our accomplishments. No matter how small, let’s recognize them and cheer. This new meme is a place to pat ourselves on the back, to encourage one another, and most important of all, meet some new online friends.
Here are the rules. You write a post on your blog about one thing you did this week that you had been putting off or that you really hate to do and link back here. Then link to your post below. Then go visit to see what things others have done. Easy right? Why not play along with us!

So, for Monday, what I did that I did not want to do is wash my two dogs! It's a big mess! I did it anyway as I like them clean! lol Not such as a big deal but, I have my 5 year old Grandson here with me. So, it really was a challange all 4 of us in the bathroom together! lol

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