Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Untroubled Heart Book Contest Free Book contest

Hey Everyone, I am having a contest unitl June 7 for a fabulous book/Bible Study! The contest rules are on the top right side of the blog. This book was writeen by Micca Campbell. She is incredibly talented! God has Blessed he with a writing and speaking ability! Go Ahead and get started on the contest requirements!



Donna Bragg said...

I know the BIBLE says we should not fear, but as a human I do have them. What I fear is this... That my loved ones will die without ever knowing JESUS as their LORD and SAVIOR! The thought of the torment they will go through once they have died in the flesh! Plus, just knowing our KING in this life is wonderful. HE has helped me jump over some pretty high mountains.

One more fear I have, I had some rotten things happen to me when I was a child, and with the perverts out there, I fear they will get my kids. I have to take my thoughts captive to the obedience of CHRIST, just to get rest from it. The thoughts are there all the time. Whenever I hear a child cry (for whatever reason) my mind goes to the place when I was hurt. I do not want that to happen to my children. It effects a person deep.

That is what I fear.

I really hope I get his book, I really need it. I have been praying that GOD would heal me of this. SOOOO, I will be praying for this book!!!

Thank You my dear sister!


Donna Bragg said...

You want to know something?? I am was shocked to realize that you were not already a part of my bloglist. I thought all this time that you were. I am so sorry! Wellllll, you are now dear sister! I have completed all the requirements for the contest! Praying I win!!! Yahooo!!! But, I know if there is someone else who needs it more. I do pray that they will win too! But, I also know I can buy it if not. HEE HEE HEE HEE

Thank you sweety!

Your sister in CHRIST,