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An UnTroubled Heart by Micca Campbell Chapter 12 Living With Courage (final chapter)

Well, we are rapping up this last chapter for this book. I am really sad about that! Micca writes so incredibly that you just want it to go on and on! This was her first book and I for one hope it will not be her last book! http://www.miccacampbellcom
Okay, I will let the hostess, Ms Lelia Chealey
post what she has to say then I will come back and say something about this chapter.

This just so happens to be Micca's first book, but I pray it's not her last.It was a great tool to learn how to live a life of faith instead of fear.I know it will be a reference I will pull out often to refresh my memory of how to have fearless living.And for me, the timing of this book was so God. He knew what I'd be facing in my life with our daughter Alyssa and just put something in my lap that would help me through it. Do I have it down and am living out a fearless life? Not yet, but I'm working on it. And I'm excited that I have a book written by a woman that had to face unimaginable pain to get where God has her today. When her first husband Porter died in the accident, Micca chose to eventually fall on her knees before her King instead of letting Him see her back while He waited for her.She chose to learn how to walk this path of faith versus fear and God rewarded her obedience by giving herAn Untroubled Heart.So we head into the final chapter of her book and Bible study and it's not a book I close with ease because I like reading her words. I think she has given us plenty to soak in though. If you haven't read this book and you have fears to overcome, this would be great for you to read.

Do we see ourselves as we really are--equipped and able to face life with wisdom, love, and courage? Our God is the supplier of these qualities.In this section Micca shared the story of King Solomon and how he asked God for wisdom. Honestly, I don't think I've ever specifically asked God for wisdom. What would my life looked like if I emulated not only Jesus, but people that are in the Bible such as Solomon and I asked God to give me His wisdom. Gives me goose bumps just thinking about the endless possibilities that come with really living in God's will. Something I don't know if I have ever done 100%.God cares about every detail of our lives.The Lord wants to guide us in every decision we make.The way God guides us into all wisdom is through His Word. Our true life is revealed through the pages of the Bible. I love books. Love them.I don't know who is more of a book addict, me or Kelley.Seems like every time I call her she is at the Christian bookstore. She even buys me books.Just today she told me of 4 bargains she has waiting for me in Kansas.One thing I've learned in blog land and I thought I was alone, is that women read 2-4 books at a time. Just ask a woman what is in her tote bag or no her nightstand and she'll rattle off a few titles. The thing is though, is that I can fill every shelf I have with books about God, but unless I let God lead me and guide me in His Word its all just a bunch of occupied space. I love that Micca said our true life is revealed through the pages of the Bible. She didn't even say her own book, she said the Bible. So by reading and memorizing His Word we will find wisdom laced in the pages.To become brave Micca tells us we must:~meditate on the knowledge of God.But she is quick to point out that wisdom is only a part of the equation. To build faith that is stronger than fear, we must have a "heart". What does it mean to have a heart?
It means to be passionately involved.How?Jesus tells us we have to love our neighbor.That takes courage, because Christ's definition of a neighbor goes beyond those who lives next door. A neighbor is anyone we meet who has a need.According to Jesus, everyone we meet is our neighbor. And we're supposed to love them? Really?Obviously no one warned Jesus about Stranger Danger.Here are a few excuses to not loving our neighbor.Insufficiency Don't want to get involvedDon't want to be botheredI was seeing eye to eye with Micca on this one and then she said this...fear, lack of heart, and feelings of inadequacy only rob our witness and our service. So loving a stranger who has needs takes courage. It's not that Jesus expects us to pick up a hitchhiker on the highway rather, He's talking about the everyday people that we meet.
People that come into our lives in the "weird" ways.The Divine set-ups.Micca says this about courage:not absent of fearis being brave in spite of fear or hard circumstancesbeing brave enough to move through our fears
transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary
I've heard this before and so glad Micca reminded us of this:
God never calls us to do something He has not equipped us to do.
This was a very eye opening part of the chapter for me.When you feel fearful, what's at the source? Honestly, me, myself and I.Are you focused on yourself? Who me? Never! Excuse me, you're blocking the mirror.
Taking our eyes off self an placing them on others helps us to see past our fears to the needs of others. In all honesty, I have a hard time doing this part of it at times. A lot of the time. Like everyday.Where has God placed you right now? To trust Him with my teenage daughter and her babies.
Courage is being brave in spite of our fear.
We can use our fear to find our faith.
We find our faith by doing it afraid.
I love how Micca ended this chapter.God is big enough for us to place our faith in Him.
Bigger than~the Enemy~the unknown~sickness~death~your hurt~terrorism~moral collapse
God is big enough!If you and I dare to believe that He is, then there is nothing we can't do.
Can you imagine a fearless life? Here is some last chapter encouragement from the author...
Trust God
He will equip you
Dare to be courageous
Live out your God-given dreams
Pursue passions and abilities
Take risks
Expand your horizons.
This is the way faith lives-----stronger than all we fear.
Let's take one day at a time and trust God with all of our fears. Let's let Him teach us through His Word.
God wants us to approach Him with all of our needs.
Not just the heart attacks, the cancer, the loss of employment,
but also the cranky moods, the desire to exercise and the bad habit of nail biting.
To God, when we allow Him into every area of our life then it shows Him how we believe in Him completely.
And as He watches us and guides us through our fears He sees the beat of our heart change as it turns from a heart filled with fear to an untroubled heart.
Fearless living is how I want to live.

Okay, now it's my turn. Is that Wow or what? This Bible Study was God Ordained for me! Our God is so cool. He's so right on time! I just love Him so much and can't Praise Him enough!

I love what Micca says in the book. She said, "You see, courage is not absence of fear as you might think. Rather, it withstands fear. Courage means being brave in spite of fear or hard circumstances. In other words, you and I have to experience fear in order to be courageous. We must use our faith like a step that enables us to reach our faith."

Oh, My Gosh, that is so true! I love that!

I sit here and I think about the difficult times in my life and those were the times I exercised my greatest faith! I want to have great faith all the time! This faith instead of fear is an ongoing thing. God's not through with me yet! Thank God!

In Joshua 1: 1-9 It talks about following God's laws (His word). Also, to be strong and courageous. When we do this God promises us that we will be prosperous and sucessful.
You may not be sucessful in the world's eyes but by God's eyes. His opinion is what matters!
Make sure to read Joshua 1 1-9. It will encourage you!

Once again, this book is so incredible! I so encourage you to read it and study it along with your Bible. I so enjoyed sharing this with you.

Until next time.
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Paula (SweetPea) said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog about my design.

I loved what Micca said in this last chapter. So many nuggets of truth. The one you quoted, I also quoted: "You see, courage is not absence of fear as you might think. Rather, it withstands fear. Courage means being brave in spite of fear or hard circumstances. In other words, you and I have to experience fear in order to be courageous."

I had never really thought about that. But it's so much like many other have patience we must have trials...we can be patient if there's nothing for which we are waiting. We can endure if there's not hardship with which we are enduring.

Sweet blessings,

Jeanies Heavenly Treasures said...

You are so right Paula (Sweet Pea)!

Thanks for visiting!

It was fun doing this Bible Study along side of you!

God Bless You!