Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Church Service

We did something today that was totally out of the normal for us. We went to the cafe service. You see, we go to a very large Church. We have several differnt services that you can attend. The regular "live" service. The cafe service is another one. This is where you can sit around little tables (if you choose) and drink coffee. Or, you can sit in regular chairs (and drink coffee if you choose). Well, we went to this service. It was pretty cool! We did not drink any coffee but, we may in the future.
What I really love about our church is that it has Recovery Ministries. This is like 12 step programs, but they are spiritual based. I know for a fact, that God is the only one that can really change us! Well, they meet on Monday nights in this Cafe type of santuary. YOu can check out the web site by going to:
As many of you know, I am going to school for Christian Counseling. I so want to start working for the Lord. I do tend to rush things a bit. I am being asked (by my church) to start working in the Recovery Ministry. I so want to! I am however feeling a bit over whelmed with school and work. So, I am asking for your prayers! I need direction for this! I am defintely staying in school (well God willing). Also, I need to work (at least bring in a little bit).
So...thanks in advance for your prayers!

God's Richest Blessings Upon You!

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