Monday, October 19, 2009

Need Prayer For Family and I

Tonight as I write this I am asking for prayer from my bloggy friends! For the last several months the dumb devil is attacking my family and I! In September I transferred to a new Christian University. Well, sense then, the devil is working double time on trying to knock me down (so that I am defeated)!
Well, I am hear to tell you, that the devil is not going to win! He is not going to defeat me! He is not going to keep me from doing God's will in my life!
I am asking for prayer from my Christian bloggy friends! I need people standing in the gap for me and my family!
I am thanking you right now in advance for the prayers!

Much Love,


C said...

I hope that by now, you have received the answers to many prayers, like sweet incense, just for you!

I want to thank you (so much) for following my writings on google followers! Thank you, you are very appreciated! :)

Jeanies Heavenly Treasures said...

Thank you C for your lovely comment!
I am still praying and seeking the Lord in this situation! God will prevail!

Many Blessings To You!