Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday...

Proverbs 1: 7 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"

I just have to say a little something on this strange picture. I just woke up from surgery. Almost as soon as I opened my eyes my hubby said, "I should take your picture!"

I had foot surgery on Dec 28. I am doing well and hobbling around.

I have this linked with Penny Be sure to stop by her blog and show her some love too!


Jill said...

I hope you are well on your way to recovering((HUGS))

A.Marie said...

Here's hoping that you continue to improve! My teen son had knee surgery on Dec. 29. He is doing fine! :)

I love Penny! I am going to go over there right now!

Have a Blessed Day!

A.Marie said...

Just wanted to tell you that I couldn't get the link to work (that you put on your blog). I found the problem: change the "e" in her last name to an "a" like this:

There! That should fix it!! :)

Donna Bragg said...

Sister, that is so funny! I was wondering what kind of surgery you had, then I read your post! That is hilarious! I do hope you are doing better my sweet dear sister!

I hope you had a great Holiday! Mine was spent in bed, but I am feeling much better. I have to go have another gastroscopy done to find out why I was throwing up blood. It all started Christmas Eve. I will keep you informed. I pray it is nothing.

Our family really need your prayers. I believe the enemy is coming against our family. We are growing as a family in the LORD by leaps and bounds and I feel it is just nasty satan trying to knock us down, but GOD is more powerful! I just love GOD sooooooooo much!

I pray for you a quick recovery! GOD bless you and yours!

Your sister in CHRIST,

Grampy said...

I am glad the foot is doing better. My father in law just had surgery also.

Jeanies Heavenly Treasures said...

Thank you all!

God Bless!

Thyme2dream said...

All the best for a very speedy recovery:)