Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1000 Dates Across the States Valentines Day Date Pictures For The Marriage Project

I recently reviewed Kathi Lipp's latest book called The Marriage Project. It is a great book by the way. Scroll down to read the book review.

Well, Kathi Lipp thought it would be a load of fun to have 1000 Valentine Dates across the States. I thought so too. So, I received one of the precious little kits that she sent out. Thank you so much Kathi for it!

Here was the contest requirements:

Use the kit and come up with a creative way to showcase it.
Our kit arrived after we had our first Valentine's date so...we had another one!
In our kit we had some coffee, chocolates, and tea candles.
So, without further a do, here is our pictures from our TWO Valentine's Dates.

Be sure and go by Kathi Lipp's blog and show her some love.

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Jill said...

Great Review! Such Awesome Pics of you & your hubby :)