Friday, February 19, 2010

Purchase A Purse and Get a Free Book For A Bonus! Designer Inspired Handbags

Hi Everyone!

I have a Bonus running right now! You can get a FREE BOOK with the purchase of one of my handbags (see top right side of my blog).

Why am I doing this you ask? To Clear Em Out!

I have some new one's to sale! Fleur De Lis! In Honor Of Our New Orleans Saints!

So....Come On Ya'All Purchase Some Purses!

Thanks and God Bless!


Donna Bragg said...

Hello Sister,
I REALLY LOVE the Guicci Designer Inspired Handbag For Sale $29.99. I will buy that one if it is still available.

I hope all is well with you and your family. GOD bless you sister!

Your sister in CHRIST,

Donna Bragg said...

I am sorry, how do I buy it? It says with paypal, but is there a link I am not seeing? I am so blond! LOL!!!

Jeanies Heavenly Treasures said...


This is a new thing/learning curve for me! Underneath the three handbags is the paypal button. Just click on it and it will take you to the paypal account to check out. Notice, up at the top it has United States for the county. Just make sure you click on your country (by scrolling down the list). Email me if you are having any trouble (
Also, for you, you are getting coupons too! I'm cheating on this one as I was planning on sending you some anyway! So, lots of Blessings all around here!
It's so good to hear from you!