Thursday, January 27, 2011

Walk for Life in Baton Rouge, La

This past Saturday we went to the Walk for Life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This was significant because it marked 38 yrs of legalized abortion. Louisiana, the state that I live in, decided to have a statewide walk for life in order to honor this monumental event.
As many as you know, I am involved with a ministry called Tears To Treasures. This ministry is for abortion recovery (psyscological healing after abortion).  We also do counseling to prevent abortions. Anyway, we were allowed to have a table set up to talk to people about our ministry. It was wonderful to be able to network with so many like minded people at one time!
Here is a pic of me waiting to talk to people. Oh, I am dressed like this because it was so cold here. You would thing because we live in the south that it would be warmer, but it was 33 degrees when we arrived. We were inside this tent (so no sun) so that made it even colder.
Another Awesome thing about he day was the founder and Executive Director for Tears To Treasures was asked to give her testimony. This is Michelle's testimony about how God saved her and healed her from her abortion that she had 30 yrs ago. Now, she has this ministry to help re-store broken lives. Also, to prevent lives being destroyed from abortion. I am so proud of Michelle! Praise You Jesus!

This is a fairly new ministry that just got it's 501 (c)3 status (non-profit). We operate by donations only. This is a much needed ministry here in Louisiana, around the USA, and around the world. Michelle has great plans for this ministry. She can only do that by generous donations. If you would like to donate to this ministry, you can go to:

Thank you and God Bless,


Tears to Treasures said...

Awesome information!! Praying for everyone who reads it that they will be moved to help and get involved in any way that they can. Thank YOU for ALL that you do Jeanene for LIFE to promote and restore it!!! I love you!
Michelle Durand

Andrea @ Cents Saved said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's amazing what you are doing for others. I'm so thankful for the gift of grace (and mercy)! If, there's anything I can do for you and your ministry please let me know.