Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jeanie's Heavenly Treasures now sells Natural and Organic Cosmetics.

I am selling:
Organic Anti-Aging Eye Cream $3.00 (.20ml)
Organic Hand and Body Lotion $4.00 (2oz jar)
Natural Deodorant (tube) $4.00
Organic Lip Balm $2.25
Organic Lip Gloss $2.15
Natural Tooth Powder (sample Size) .99 cents
Natural Mineral Makeup (sample size) .99 cents
Natural Mineral Blush (sample size) .99 cents
Natural Mineral Correcting Powder (sample size) .99 cents
Sample size Organic hand and body lotion .99 cents
Sample size Organic Anti-Aging Eye Cream .99 cents

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items you can connect with me on here. Or, through my Facebook Page: Jeanie's Heavenly Treasures (on FB).
You can also see many pics on Facebook.