Saturday, March 11, 2017

Healthy and Frugal Life On A Budget

I am on a serious journey to live a healthy and frugal life! I started a budget. This is huge for me! I needed it to be simple, so I am starting it with just the income that we have (like per pay check). Then, go down from there. When the money runs out (hopefully, it never does), then I have NO MONEY!

I am on the hunt for discounted groceries. I learned that Dollar General is the best place to buy paper products and cleaning products. Family Dollar is the best place to purchase over the counter medicines. We don't have a surplus/discount/dented can type of grocery store where we live. So, I am using the super market ads and the Super Shocker sales to purchase our food.

I have multiple food allergies, so cooking and baking has always been something that I have had to do. I am doing it even more, with the sole purpose of saving money! Today, I cooked homemade gluten free pancakes and whole-wheat/wholegrain pancakes (for my other family members). Another thing I did was purchase a ten pound bag of potatoes the other day. Today, I peeled quite a few, chopped then (like steak fries) and then par-boiled them. After they cooled, I put them in the freezer.

I am looking for more ways to live healthy and frugally. My next huge research, is how to purchase our supplements at a wholesale cost. Because, we have been spending entirely too much money in our budget for that!

I will keep you all posted on how this Healthy and Frugal Life On A Budget goes..... I hope that you stayed tuned in!

Be Blessed!